Take a look at the extensive range of features Dash software will provide for you. It is an intuitive and flexible system that will support your facilities management strategy.

Multi-Client Management

Dash can easily manage multiple clients

Multi-Property Management

Dash can easily manage multiple sites

Mobile Engineer App

Connect remote engineers to the management system with the intuitive Dash app. Simple, bi-directional communication between the office and the field.

Engineers can easily complete essential forms and paperwork on location, ensuring timely compliance, reduced errors and real time project management.

Management Software

Dash provides managers and supervisors with the visibility to control and effectively manage their day-to-day maintenance demands.

Reporting and Dashboard

All the data at your fingertips within the powerful dashboard. Optimise your dashboard with Dash’s simple, visualised data so you see the metrics that you need to.


Link Dash to 3rd party accounting systems to ensure accuracy and faster invoicing.

Pre-populated Rates

Pre-populate labour, plant and material costs to save time when costing or invoicing projects.

Job Costing / Quoting

Create quotes, and then easily transfer the details into live jobs for rapid, effective progress.

Onsite Real Time Sign-Off

Managers and supervisors are automatically notified as soon as an engineer changes the job status on the app.

Direct Image Management

Engineers have access to upload images directly to jobs. This speeds-up communication and job completions, creating more effective workflows.

Staff Job Notification

Issued jobs are received by the engineer in real time as soon as they are released. Managers receive notification of changes in job status immediately the engineer enters details onto the app and reports a change in status.


Create and manage engineer schedules and individual jobs with Dash. Easily organise the schedule of each engineer to ensure effective time management and great customer service.

PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) Scheduling

Manage PPM for individual appliances across multiple sites. PPM management provides categorisation and scheduling of all required maintenance tasks.

Job Priority Management

Set pre-agreed response levels for all your jobs, allowing for effective scheduling.

Job Workflow

See progress easily with the Dash workflow feature.

Job Tracking

You will always know the status of jobs with live tracking. This will provide more effective communication with customers, improving customer service.

Job Completion

Changes in job status happen automatically when the engineers use the app but they can also be changed manually from the office should the need arise.

Labour Tracking

Dash allows for easy management of engineers with the ability to track an engineers position via the location of each App.

Asset Management

Simple and effective asset management allows compliance and takes the stress out of managing multiple assets.

Asset Tracking

Dash enables compliance, with the ability to store historical data at asset level.

Asset Planning

This feature enables the long-term planning of individual, or asset groups.

Staff Mapping

Track engineers live in the field thanks to App location tracking. This feature supports both future team and timescale management strategies.